About us

Lithuanian association of planters and ornamental plant growers is an organization uniting physical and legal members providing the services of plantation, plantation maintenance and afforestation related services and ornamental plants growing, representing their economic and legal interests, uniting its members and coordinating their efforts to improve planting and plantation maintenance and offering only ornamental plants of high quality.



- Seek to create an innovative approach to afforestation, plantation and maintenance of territories and to foster Lithuanian landscape;
- Collection, processing and distribution of information on plantations, afforestation, land management, ornamental plant cultivation and care, and plant introduction among the members of the Association and in the society;
- Preparation of recommendations and methdologies necessary for the work of its members;
-Organisation of exhibitions and participation in them;
- Organisation and arrangement of seminars and practical sessions in implementing new technologies;


Management of the association

Management bodies of the association shall include the general meeting of the Association members, the board and the president.